Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cats don't do the expected

I've generally been a dog person who also had a cat -- okay, sometimes several -- in addition to my Great Dane. But last fall my middle-aged Dane developed a condition that quickly and unexpectedly ended his life. For the first time in my adult life, I was without a Dane.

Our cat MungoJerry the SuperCat, adopted from the local Humane Society at four months old, found himself at loose ends without a Dane to pester. Jerry doesn't take kindly to being an only cat. He gets bored .. no one to play with, roughhouse with or boss around. So without another pet, he gets cranky. He takes that out on me in the form of rough play and more-than-occasional sneak attacks that deliver really hard bites. To save my skin and Jerry's (I don't take kindly to being bitten) we looked for another pet.

We adopted a boxer .. maybe a moxer (mostly boxer) but our penchant for entertainment combined with my long hours away from home proved too much for Spot and we had to return him to the welcoming bosom of his family.

Only a few days later, the sneak attacks recommenced. So I made another trip to the Humane Society and brought Wilhelmina Rumpleteaser Thomasina home. Willie is a beautiful mature lynxpoint with brilliant blue eyes. And a cranky disposition. She doesn't put up with Jerry's pestering, and won't put up with a human pestering her either. She's quick with tooth or claw when necessary, though generally quite loving at bedtime (she lies on top of my back or shoulder until I go to sleep).

Willie and Jerry aren't exactly bonding. At least once a day there's a cat fight, and the language exchanged is not for the faint of heart. I keep claws trimmed, but Jerry's got a ragged rip in one ear, and both cats sport scratches on top of their heads.

There is hope. Today is the first time they've both been on the recliner with me. Willie behind my head and Jerry at my knees. I think Jerry doesn't know she's up there, and Willie is choosing to ignore him.

I thought they'd be fast friends by now. But we all know that cats are independent and don't believe in doing the expected.

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