Thursday, March 22, 2012

Iris Johansen books

In the last few months I've been picking up books in the Eve Duncan forensic series by Iris Johansen. Unfortunately, I haven't read them in order .. And I've listened to a lot of them as well. They're compelling. Not sure why. I certainly have other, deeper, more spiritually-uplifting books laying around that I should be tackling. And I seriously doubt if I would like any of the main characters, should I meet them in person, if they were real.

what is it that pulls us into particular stories? Do I prefer series detective/mystery/suspense/thrillers because I am more comfortable with the familiar?

I am very, very glad that Ms. Johansen has moved to the suspense genre .. I grabbed one of her earlier audio books off the shelf at Half Price Books .. Apparently she used to write bodice-ripper romances .. Phooey! .. Not my kind of thing atall, atall .. I found myself driving down the road grumbling at the CD player .. Thankfully, HPB bought the silly thing back (but not before I finished it!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Elevator Adventures

Not all of my adventures occur in books. Here's a slightly edited version of the email I sent my son yesterday. Monday morning was, well, Monday morning.

About the time I got to sleep really good the power came back on. Any idea how many *#%!@ things we have in that house that beep very loudly when the power comes back on? I got up, turned lights and junk off and went back to bed. Seems like a noisy house once you've been exposed to everything off for a while! .. finally got back to sleep.

Headed to work, still storming. No problems there, just took a long time. Had a larger-than-usual Diet Dr. Pepper because I'd bought one at a convenience store since I was out at house. Drank all my water, too. Got to work, needing the little cowgirl's room. Parking Garage elevator to lobby .. ah, I'll wait till I get up on 9 to visit the little room. Unusually(because I was later than usual) there were several people in the elevator car with me. Stop at 2, 4 and 7. Oops. Doors don't open at 7. I'm not scared, I just need to pee! .. I REALLY need to pee!
I hit the alarm, make the call, text my boss. The guy who wanted out at 7 tries to pry the doors .. no luck. The lady on the elevator emergency phone says hold down the "Door Open" button a while, sometimes that works. I try that .. no luck. But after another couple minutes the guy tries the doors again. (I have not mentioned my need to pee). .. Hallelujah, the doors work.
I take two stories of stairs before I get to go .. so fun!
And how was your day yesterday?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A little maintenance

While helping out a loved one recently, I did some furniture polishing. I was amazed anew at how much the application of lemon oil brought a drab old table to life. The old dry grey wood took on new shine with a deep patina. The more I applied, the better it got.

I've been out of lemon oil at home for some time now. So I hit Target and brought home a fresh bottle of regular along with my first-ever purchase of lemon oil for dark wood.

Wow! My 30-year-old oak table that I refinished seven years ago was so thirsty. I could practically hear it sucking up the oil. I reapplied oil again today. The drab old table shines gloriously in the dining room now, looking loved and proud.

What happens when we delay maintenance on ourselves? Without the periodic application of oil, polish, lotion or lubricant -- albeit physical, spiritual or mental -- we get dry, thirsty and drab. Take time today. Polish something, someone or your self. Apply life-giving oil, whether it be a smile, a compliment, a random act of kindness, or a quick escape from the daily madness that is our workaday commute. Read from God's Word and let His loving kindness breathe new life into your spirit.

You'll come away with a new shine. And a smaile makes a pretty patina.