Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's no secret that our home is on the market. We've been considering this for some time. While this is a wonderful home with everything we want, it's a lot of stuff, and a lot of responsibility. It's also costly, and with today's uncertain economy and our steadily advancing ages, we've decided to downsize.

So once we made the decision to list the house, we jumped right in. Of course, most people stop, take inventory and make small repairs, do cleaning, declutter and THEN list the house. Not us. We jump in with both feet. And we've been treading water like crazy ever since. I've packed a number of boxes, storing treasures that might take a buyer's attention away from the home itself. We've cleaned, sanded, replaced the roof, mowed and more. And now Open House is upon us. It is this Sunday. Three days.

I just realized that GL thought it was 10 days away.

Treading speed, MACH ONE!

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  1. Maybe since you have downsized and are clearing things out, I could move some of my stuff to your place? ha ha ha. This is just another lesson that I look to you for guidance and inspiration!