Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reading Adventures

As a stay-at-home type with a wandering mind, reading constitutes the bulk of my adventures. Guess you'd call me an armchair adventurer.

I've trekked to the North Pole with the intrepid Helen Thayer, (Thanks Laura, for setting me straight!) and followed that adventure by tagging along through Mongolia with Ms. Thayer and her spouse, then spending months (handily compressed into a few days) observing wolves in the wilds of Canada.

Partnering with the likes of Travis McGee, Archie Goodwin, Richard Jury, Stephanie Plum and Judith McMonigle Flynn, we've solved innumerable murders. Dodged vampires with Sookie Stackhouse, searched out the dead with Harper Connelly, and taken the Luggage across the Lost Continent with Rincewind.

Through books I've learned to guard my heart and spirit, to embrace the marvelous freedom of a close relationship with God, deepened my love for Jesus Christ, and been inspired to become a better person than ever I dreamed I could be.

Through reading and then writing about my reading experiences (as a volunteer book reviewer for our local newspaper), I've honed writing skills, and found myself in delightful conversations with interesting people.

Reading prepared me for actual trips I've taken. One, a quasi-business trip to Fort Smith Arkansas with a friend/co-worker, resulted in a song (I was driving). Jackie burst out with "Life is an Adventure when you ride with Jan!" in magnificent Broadway-style. Thus, when I considered a blog, and settled on the blog's primary purpose being commentary on what I'm reading .. related to book reviewing, but more of a discussion, a la a book club .. my dear hubby suggested Life is an Adventure, which, as I created the blog, quickly morphed into Armchair Adventures. It's how I work.

Bear with me. Don't count on a roller-coaster rollicking adventure. I'm aiming for soul-satisfying, Spirit-led discussions. And I'm looking forward to your contributions. Welcome!

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  1. Aw come on - I TOTALLY expect roller coaster thrills! Looks great!!