Thursday, March 22, 2012

Iris Johansen books

In the last few months I've been picking up books in the Eve Duncan forensic series by Iris Johansen. Unfortunately, I haven't read them in order .. And I've listened to a lot of them as well. They're compelling. Not sure why. I certainly have other, deeper, more spiritually-uplifting books laying around that I should be tackling. And I seriously doubt if I would like any of the main characters, should I meet them in person, if they were real.

what is it that pulls us into particular stories? Do I prefer series detective/mystery/suspense/thrillers because I am more comfortable with the familiar?

I am very, very glad that Ms. Johansen has moved to the suspense genre .. I grabbed one of her earlier audio books off the shelf at Half Price Books .. Apparently she used to write bodice-ripper romances .. Phooey! .. Not my kind of thing atall, atall .. I found myself driving down the road grumbling at the CD player .. Thankfully, HPB bought the silly thing back (but not before I finished it!)

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