Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Elevator Adventures

Not all of my adventures occur in books. Here's a slightly edited version of the email I sent my son yesterday. Monday morning was, well, Monday morning.

About the time I got to sleep really good the power came back on. Any idea how many *#%!@ things we have in that house that beep very loudly when the power comes back on? I got up, turned lights and junk off and went back to bed. Seems like a noisy house once you've been exposed to everything off for a while! .. finally got back to sleep.

Headed to work, still storming. No problems there, just took a long time. Had a larger-than-usual Diet Dr. Pepper because I'd bought one at a convenience store since I was out at house. Drank all my water, too. Got to work, needing the little cowgirl's room. Parking Garage elevator to lobby .. ah, I'll wait till I get up on 9 to visit the little room. Unusually(because I was later than usual) there were several people in the elevator car with me. Stop at 2, 4 and 7. Oops. Doors don't open at 7. I'm not scared, I just need to pee! .. I REALLY need to pee!
I hit the alarm, make the call, text my boss. The guy who wanted out at 7 tries to pry the doors .. no luck. The lady on the elevator emergency phone says hold down the "Door Open" button a while, sometimes that works. I try that .. no luck. But after another couple minutes the guy tries the doors again. (I have not mentioned my need to pee). .. Hallelujah, the doors work.
I take two stories of stairs before I get to go .. so fun!
And how was your day yesterday?

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