Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm the first to admit that I don't do a good job of keeping in touch with people. I dislike phone conversations for the most part, have all but quit writing letters or sending cards (something I used to do well), and actually rarely even email. Pretty much, if you're not on Facebook, I don't know what's going on .. not too friendly of me. But Facebook has helped me reconnect with a dear old friend from my (last) college days. She's the only friend not connected to work down here in the metroplex. And she's great at connections.. persistent at sending holiday cards and making the occasional phone call over the last nearly 20 years since we walked the graduation walk at MSU together.

Still, we haven't seen one another in about 10 years., and that was a quick visit.

Today was finally the day! Cindy cleared her schedule (not easy for the busy mom of four, ages 2 to 11) and came to see us. We talked, laughed and reconnected for a couple of hours .. the kind of time spent together that too many people don't have any more. I can't wait to see her again, and to get to know her family.

I cherished today, and again, praise God for sending people to me who like me (love me even!) for who I am, take me as I am, but positively encourage me to be better. I have been blessed with wonderful friends in my life, and it's time to start showing my appreciation. Cards and letters coming up!

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