Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old dogs .. er broads .. can learn new tricks!

In my world of PR/Communications, the new buzz is all about social media. What I haven't noticed anyone really stressing is that social media = multi-media. The worldwide-web isn't solely comprised of cleverly-worded phrases set in pretty typefaces with strategically-kerned headlines. Social media requires quick, concise messaging, intriguing links, tweets, retweets, forwards, and even, gasp, video.

I've managed to avoid learning HTML. My video-editing skills go back to 3/4 inch tape cassettes .. and unfortunately haven't completely kept up. I've used digital video editing equipment, but very little, and that was too long ago.

Up until the last couple of days that is. After months of hoping somebody else would do this, I bit the bullet and dove in (how's that for mixing metaphorical cliches!) I ground my teeth, clenched my jaw, bit my lip til it's swollen, have a splitting headache and a sore tailbone, but by golly, I posted three new videos to the company YouTube channel, added a link to the FaceBook fan page I created, and then Twittered the link .. Success!

Videos, I might add, that I had to learn to "capture" "cut" and "export" to the right file type (and had to figure out the right file type" using software I'd never used before this week .. softwre that is much less than user-friendly. Oh, I had to print and bind the manual for it too .. and I'd never used that binding machine before either.

This ol' broad is kind of proud of herself tonight. Tired, but satisfied. I can still learn new tricks, and enjoy doing so .. what's to come next? God only knows, and He has a great sense of humor. Can't wait to discover what He has in store!


  1. WAY to go Jan! I just saw this post - and the videos look great by the way! gonna be our new IT guru by the end of the year?? :)