Monday, January 25, 2010

Two and a half months .. wow, time has flown.

In this time, I've made eight or ten round trips between Iowa Park and Dallas/Plano, and one one-way trip.

We moved.

But we're not completely moved.

We have too much stuff. It's not an uncommon problem, but apparently there's not a large percentage of the population here in Plano who feel the need to have a home shop (or two) like we had in Iowa Park.

So we still have shop stuff in Iowa Park.

Oh, and yard stuff too. Some of it is here. Most of it isn't.

Oh, and everything is still in the attic.

But except for what's in the attic, and one red and blue old buffet cabinet and a single oak dresser, the household stuff is in Plano. Most of it's unpacked. Books and decor stuff are still in boxes.

I have to buy a book case or two. And after the handyman finishes repairing the misstep he took on our ceiling (he poked a small hole and made a fairly large crack when he missed a joist or rafter or some such thing in the attic), I'll decorate. Doesn't seem like the thing to do, to decorate and then have to take everything down and wash it if the acoustic spray gets out of hand, which acoustic spray is wont to do.

So the walls are bare. I'm pretending it's inspirational.

I'm looking for inspiration everywhere as I adjust to this different life.

God's been good about supplying inspiration and encouragement. A kingfisher sitting on a fence by a pond, some beautiful sunrises, and a few random acts of kindness.

Thank you Lord, lead me on!

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