Sunday, March 14, 2010

God is GOOD!

As you know, we're about two and a half months into our new life in the big city. Weekend before this was spent in our hometown at a wonderful wedding. We had a marvelous time with family and friends.

That, with a very busy period at work, coming out of a dreary winter and combined with the normal progression of stages of dealing with big change, made me a basket case this week. I've seldom, if ever been lonely in my life .. I have God, after all.

But this week I've felt so far from those I love that I was pretty teary, even at work .. very unusual for me. I even posted a whine on Facebook. And I believe strongly that my "face" on Facebook should be positive and uplifting. Of course I received nice messages in reply .. but God, again, acted:

My sister called unexpectedly Friday afternoon: she had come to the metroplex to shop, and though she didn't want to come by the house, she was kind enough to hang out at a shopping center on my way home from work until I could get there. We caravanned up the road to a couple more stores she wanted to hit and were able to visit and explore them together. That alone made a huge difference in my attitude.

While caravanning with Sis, Son called .. he's back in Texas from his overseas assignment .. five months early. He'd come visit on Saturday. Daughter and Grandson would be coming to the metroplex Saturday evening as well, to stay for Spring Break. We couldn't make it work for all of us to be together, because of previous engagements with their dad and his family, but we'd all get to visit at some point. Son had to leave Saturday evening. We'd try to all get together on Thursday.

Hubby and I ran some errands Saturday morning .. a little uninterrupted, non-distracted-by-TV-time .. very nice.

Son called to check on Saturday schedule .. he'd see us about 2 p. We wouldn't see Daughter until Sunday.

Son/Daughter's dad called .. "why don't you and your hubby just come have dinner with us, Son/Daughter/Grandson/Stepsister/Family?"

Why not? Well? We went .. had a great time. God brought all us together in one home, showed us His amazing grace and restoration .. brought friendship where once there was pain, and made a beautiful mosaic of what was so broken.

He showed me, with no question, that He is here with me, even in the midst of this huge metropolex.
And today, while I raked leaves in the sun to the serenade of a mockingbird, I thanked Him for His grace, His mercy, His lovingkindness. Praise Him!

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  1. I am so happy that you were able to have it all come together... I've always felt blessed that the girls' dad and his new wife and I are able to be as friends and have family time with our kiddos from time to time... It makes you take a step back and be thankful for it all! I love ya Ms. Jan, and miss you dearly, think of you everytime I light my apple candle!! And I completely agree, he is great and the things he still shows me everyday I am completely amazed...