Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Sewing Project

Thanks to weather, today's our third day in a row to stay at home .. hooray! .. the house is finally cardboard box-free and all the in-house unpacking/storing is done. All that's left inside is hanging some more art/stained glass, etc. .. It feels so good!

We've started on the shop/garage, and we're bringing a pickup load at a time from storage and dealing with it. (Ghat's gonna take a while!) Yesterday we put a bunch of stuff in the attic and I tackled a few tubs of blankets/bedspreads/towels.

Which brings me to my project..

Hubby uses a Bi-Pap (like a C-Pap) and after some finagling and adjustments, got fitted with a mask/harness and then was sold a funny-shaped pillow that helps him rest. It came with a shaped pillow case, which has gotten pretty tatty.

So I decided to make a new case from an old pillow case .. I'd just lay the shaped case on the old one, cut it out and sew it up! .. had it all planned in my mind. I used to sew/craft a lot, and maybe this would get me back in gear (I'm still quilting on a piece I started for my grandson before he was born. He'll be 10 next month!)

So, with lots done, I thought: now's the time: DH is napping and I pull out my stuff and go to town. I even already happened to have the right color thread on the machine .. an omen, right?

I get it all sewn up and check the fit .. OOPS! .. I sort of forgot to leave a hole to turn the thing inside out .. or to put the pillow in! .. I laughed so loud I woke GL!

So I pull threads on an original seam and go zigzag finish that .. turn it right side out to put on the pillow .. OOPS! .. I should have turned it inside out to cut and sew it! ..all the previously-sewn stitching is now on the outside.

Ah well .. it fits great and nobody's gonna look too closely.

The second one came out just fine.

Do you tell stories like this yourself? What's yours?

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  1. I had a sewing experience like that with a men's white shirt.... I can't tell you how many times I ripped out the plackett on the cuff and re-did it. After that, it was only short sleeved shirts for the hubby! ha!

    Good to see you blogging. Sorry I haven't been here in a while!