Friday, July 2, 2010


The big move was six months ago today.

We're still adjusting.

But at a company event recently, another couple talked of their adjustment issues .. their move was more welcome, and longer ago, and they're still dealing with adjustment.

So I think we'll survive.

Work is finally  more like the old normal rather than the pressure cooker it has been for the last year. I love what I do, and what our company does for not only our clients but the world as a whole. I suppose I've always been an idealist of sorts: The jobs and activities that give me the most satisfaction are those that are service-oriented: holistic, organic, giving, helping others. The eight months I spent as a shopping mall marketing director were torture, even though I enjoyed parts of the job: deep down inside I knew that luring people to spend money on unnecessary things was wrong for me.

But God had placed me there to learn a bit about about facility management and dealing with those who take care of large places like malls and schools and such. He had a plan.

He has a plan now. I'm willing, Lord, to be part of Your plan.

Sometimes I wish I had a clearer vision of what that is.

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